1934 the brothers Homer and Orestis Colocotronis established in Moschato the Chromatourgia Athinon E. Colocotronis Bros SA., which would play a very important role in the industrial history of Modern Greece.

1940’s leads to the decision to expand their activities in other areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cotton and veterinary products. During the war and years of famine Adelco continued operations, and supported its employees and local community with food and essential supplies.

1950’s the company focuses resources towards establishing pharmaceuticals as its main activity and creating the trademark title “ADELCO” , Adelco rapidly becomes a recognisable brand and becomes one of the fastest growing companies in Greece. Gaining recognition and appreciation among the medical community and peers alike, for setting and implementing high quality standards.

1960’s Adelco introduces OM-OR shampoo, the first shampoo to be produced and marketed in Greece, and also Adelco toothpaste, the first fluoridated toothpaste offered in Greece.

In addition to its success in the pharmaceutical industry, a dynamic and creative entrance is made into the cosmetic market, with advanced technological means, research and development dedicated to quality, Adelco quickly positions itself among the leading corporations in cosmetics industry.

1970’s The growth continuous, Adelco becomes one of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies by creating with its own resources and vertical production , superior quality and widely recognised pharmaceutical products, and leading Brands like Stedon, Filicine, Minitran, Paroticin and Salopyrine and in cosmetics “OM-OR” and “Adelco”. Furthermore, Adelco establishes collaboration with leading European cosmetic manufacturers, and the same time exports know-how and technology to India and Far East.

1980’s Adelco Chromatourgia Athinon E. Colocotronis Bros S.A. is established under the direction of Mr Evangelos Colocotronis. “We believe that high quality is a fundamental value and the principal commitment for a pharmaceutical company such as Adelco.”

1990’s Adelco looks for expansion to international market. The Export Department is established, and new markets are developed in the Middle East – North Africa – East Europe and as far as Asia.
2000’s Adelco focuses on modernisation of facilities, purchase of new production machinery, Developing new products and expanding activities internationally. Stabilising its position and forming the platform for entrance into the Athens Stock Exchange.