Adelco Kids Shampoo-Bath Protection and Shine

Specially designed for the needs of children’s skin with an enjoyable aroma of freshness. Extremely gentle on skin and eyes.

Cleanses the hair leaving it soft, easy to comb and shiny.
Gives cool and soft skin.

– With pH friendly to the skin

– No parabens

– Ophthalmologically tested (in vitro). It does not irritate the eyes

– Natural hydration and protection with Panthenol, Chamomile, Aloe and Green Tea

500 ml
How to use it: Come to our planet, to experience incredible moments. Here the bath becomes a game with skin with an enjoyable aroma of freshness! Dive into the bathtub, wash your hair and body. In the end, rinse the foam well. With us you will forget the tears, and your hair will be easily combed and shiny.

Καλό μπάνιο!