Adelco Kids Sun-Spray for easy combing

No more tangles – Spray for easy combing with Sun protection.

Detangles instantly without pain.

A gentle formula with Panthenol, Chamomil, Aloe, Green Tea and fruit scent that protects and leaves hair smooth and extra shiny.

– It doesn’t weigh hair down and leaves no residue.

– Parabens free

– Natural hydration and sun protection with Panthenol, Chamomile, Aloe, Green Tea

Do not rinse.

200 ml

How to use it:

Do you dream to get your hair softer, easier to comb and protected from the Sun? Spray this liquid  in damp or dry hair. Brush your hair and you will see how! Have fun with the easiest hairstyle you ever did and take care of your hair before and after the sea! (Do not rinse)